NoBurn Fire Cable – Flame Propagation

May 5, 2017

NoBurn fire cables are now additionally approved and certified to meet BS 60332-3-24:2009 & BS 60332-3-25:2009 flame retardance tests for bunched fire cables.

To comply with BS 7629 a fire cable requires to meet a test to only BS EN60332-1-2:2004, this fire test is performed on a single cable to prove the cable does not drip when a flame is applied and will self-extinguish after removal of the flame within the limits of the test, to show the cable limits the spread and propagation of fire.

BS 60332-3-24 & -3-25:2009 tests are a similar test format, however with these tests a number of cables are bunched together, attached to a ladder and tested with greater calorific power for longer durations, compliance with these tests are favoured for where large cable bundles in building cable ducts are to be used, in particular high rise and complex buildings.

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