PRO-Standard PVC Type 3 Cable

Ventcroft are one of the largest UK manufacturers of intruder alarm cable, we do not use CCA conductors, all our cables are manufactured using Grade 1 tinned copper. The Union ranges of intruder alarm cables are specifically designed & tailored to suit the individual performance and cost requirements of contractors installing and servicing domestic & light commercial systems and high security & large commercial alarm systems.

PRO-Standard Alarm Cable is a range with each conductor core being 7 strands of tinned copper to provide a resistance of less than 155 Ohms per km and with sheath and insulation materials manufactured using high grade PVC to the requirements of BS 4737-3.30:2015 Type 3 cables.

PRO-Standard TYPE 3 cable complies with:-

  • BS 4737-3.30:2015 (Intruder Alarm Systems in Buildings) Type 3 Cable Specifications

Materials Comply with:-

  • PVC Type TI 1 Insulation to BS EN 50363-3
  • PVC Type TM 1 Sheath to BS EN 50363-4-1

PRO-Standardo Halogen Alarm Cable

  • Easy to Install and Superb Working Flexibility
  • No talc excess
  • Light core twist to avoid accidental cable distress
  • White or Brown Sheath
  • 4, 6, 8 or 12 core Options
  • 100m & 500m Reels
  • UK Manufacture


  • Complies with BS 4737-3.30:2015 Type 3
  • 7 Strands Grade 1 Tinned Copper
  • Resistance less than 155 Ohms per km
  • Yellow Type 3 Cable Identification Ripcord
  • RoHS & REACH Compliant Lead & Tin Free Outer Sheath
  • CPR Certified