PRO-Supreme LSZH Type 1 Cable

Ventcroft are one of the largest UK manufacturers of intruder alarm cable, we do not use CCA conductors, and all our cables are manufactured using Grade 1 tinned copper. The Union ranges of intruder alarm cables are specifically designed & tailored to suit the individual performance and cost requirements of contractors installing and servicing domestic & light commercial systems and high security & large commercial alarm systems.

PRO-Supreme Alarm Cable LSZH is a range with each conductor core being 7 strands of tinned copper to provide a resistance of less than 100 Ohms per km and long cable runs to sounders and devices with sheath and insulation materials to meet the Low Smoke Zero Halogen requirements of BS 4737-3.30:2015 Type 1 cables. LSZH materials protect people and equipment from life threatening smoke and toxic and corrosive gas in the event of fire. In addition the PRO-Supreme LSZH cable materials will not propagate fire so safer for use in large complex buildings.

PRO-Supreme LSZH TYPE 1 cable complies with:-

  • BS 4737-3.30:2015 (Intruder Alarm Systems in Buildings) Type 1 Cable Specifications

Materials comply with:-

  • BS EN 50754-1:2014 (Halogen Emission Test)
  • BS EN 61034-2:2005 (Smoke Emission Test)
  • BS EN 60332-1-2:2004 (Single Cable Flame Retardancy)
  • BS EN 60332-3-24:2009 & BS EN 60332-3-25:2009 (Bunched Cables Flame Retardancy)

PRO-Supreme Low Smoke Zero Halogen Intruder Alarm Cable

  • Easy to Install and Superb Working Flexibility
  • No talc excess
  • Light core twist to avoid accidental cable distress
  • White or Brown Sheath (other colour sheaths by arrangement MOQ may apply)
  • 4, 6, 8 or 12 core Options
  • 100m & 500m Reels
  • UK Manufacture


  • Complies with BS 4737-3.30:2015 Type 1
  • 7 Strands Grade 1 Tinned Copper
  • Resistance less than 100 Ohms per km
  • Green Type 1 Cable Identification Ripcord
  • RoHS & REACH Compliant Lead & Tin Free Outer Sheath
  • CPR Certified

Important Note: LSF (Low Smoke & Fume) cables are not the same as LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) cables LSF cables do not comply with the TYPE 1 BS 4737 requirements, they emit halogen gases in the event of fire – Halogen Kills!

Union PRO-Supreme Screened Alarm Cable – LSZH TYPE 1

Screened PRO-Supreme LSZH Type 1 & PRO-Supreme PVC TYPE 2 have all of the features and benefits of the standard PRO-Supreme cable type but are supplied with an Aluminium Screen/Pet foil to protect accidental damage by animals and the screen plus additional uninsulated drain wire protect the system signals against electrical interference.